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{{Customer.Contact_Name}} {{Customer.SAdd1}} {{Customer.SAdd2}} {{Customer.SAdd3}},{{Customer.SLandmark}},{{Customer.SArea}}-{{Customer.SPincode}}
{{Customer.SAdd1}} {{Customer.SAdd2}} {{Customer.SAdd3}}
{{Customer.SCity}},{{Customer.SState}},{{Customer.SCountry}} {{Customer.SPincode}},{{Customer.SLandmark}},{{Customer.SArea}}
Phone : {{Customer.Contact_Number}}
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Order Summary

{{Cart.length}} Items
Quantity Price
{{bulkprice.Quantity_From}}-{{bulkprice.Quantity_To}}+ {{bulkprice.SellingPrice}}
{{TotalSellingPrice=GetVarientPriceFromBulk(pro.Quantity,BulkArray,$index,'Cart')}} {{TotalCost=(GetArrayData(pro.PriceData.BulkPrice)[0].ProductCost)}} {{GetDiscount(TotalSellingPrice,TotalCost)}}% off
{{Attr.split(':')[0]}} -  {{Attr.split(':')[1]}}
{{pro.ProductPrice=GetProductTotal(TotalSellingPrice,$index)}} {{pro.TaxAmount=0}} {{pro.TotalAmount=pro.TaxAmount + pro.ProductPrice}} {{pro.FinalAmount=pro.shippingcharge + pro.TotalAmount}}
Currently out of stock for {{EnteredPincode}}
Delivery Unavailable
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Shipping Charge {{pro.shippingcharge}}
{{pro.replace_within}} Days Replacement Policy

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{{CardArray.length}} ACTIVE GIFT CARD {{GetTotalCardPay(CardArray)}}
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Gift Card No.
( {{Customer.RewardRate.split('/')[1]}} Reward Points = {{Customer.RewardRate.split('/')[0]}} Rupees ) Remaining After Use : {{Customer.RewardPoints-UsingReward}} Points
(Maximum {{Customer.WalletMax}}% Wallet Can be used in one transaction.)
Apply Applied {{CouponMsz}}

Pay {{FinalPayable}} using another payment option to complete the transaction.

Please Enter A valid GiftCard.
This Card is being used in some other order. Can not be used until that order either gets confimed or cancelled.
This Card has 0 balance. Try Another A Giftcard of {{CardObj.Value}} is Applied! An amount of {{(TotalPayable-WalletAmount-RewardAmount)}} is used from Giftcard of value {{CardObj.Value}}. Remaining Balance : {{CardObj.Value - (TotalPayable-WalletAmount-RewardAmount) }} Remove

Make Payment using any of the payment mode in PayU, if any problem occures then please try another payment mode on next time. If problem still persist contact us on below details or chat with us.

Order No. :- Bill_{{OrderId}} Confirm Pay Pay By Gateway

Price Details

  • Price ( {{Cart.length}} items ) ( Tax Included ) {{CartTotal = GetTotalCartAmount()}}
  • Tax{{TaxedAmount=GetTotalCartTax()}}
  • Shipping{{AddedShipped= GetTotalShipAmount()}}Free
  • Coupon Applied -{{CouponDiscount}}
  • Gift Card -{{Gifted}}
  • e Wallet -{{WalletAmount}}
  • Reward Points Cash ( {{UsingReward}} )-{{RewardAmount}}
  • {{TotalPayable = AddAmount(CartTotal,AddedShipped,TaxedAmount,0)}}
  • Amount Payable{{FinalPayable = (TotalPayable-Gifted-WalletAmount-RewardAmount-CouponDiscount)}}
Earn {{Rpoints=GetProductTotalCartReward()}} Reward Points on this order
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