Why choose MLSI

Choosing the right school for your child can be an overwhelming task for the parents due to numerous options available.However, transparency is the key aspect which parents should thrive for.

Right from the admission process, MLSI strives to be transparent and open with our parents as they are an integral part of our learning community.

We are open about our educational philosophy and welcome parents to join our team who believe in our approach.

Here are some fundamentals of our approach to education which runs through PYP, DP, and MYP curriculum:

  • Each child is treated as an individual who is unique.
  • Students are involved in real-world problem solving and learning.
  • Students engage in learning activities that are collaborative.
  • Students get ample opportunities to showcase their learning.
  • Students are encouraged to love and respect one another.
  • Students are explained the importance of setting high expectations for themselves.
Admissions Open 2023-24